TWICE Kpop Fashion MV

One of the hottest kpop groups right now is TWICE. They are my favorite girl group. They started out on a TV show where JYP had a few dozen contestants compete to be in his next girl group.

TWICE: kpop star fashion

Why did they audition? You may wonder how these girls came to even know about JYP and his competition. Ever heard of Dream High? Starring Taecyeon and Suzy, and that launched the career of Kim Soo Hyun? Well that was JYP. He was the guy who played the friend of the main teacher who was mad at him. Remember, he was going to be a part of his kpop duo, but the teacher chickened out and so they both kind of got stuck teaching music instead of performing like they really wanted to. Now that you know who JYP, or Jin Young Park, is we can talk about TWICE.

JYP started out as a kpop singer himself. Eventually he created his own label and created the kpop groups Miss A, 2PM (with Taecyeon), 2AM, and several others. Not only did he create careers for them in music, he also helped them in landing acting and modeling contracts. Taecyeon was living in the United States when he went to audition for JYP as a fashion model. JYP liked him, but asked him if he wanted to be the rapper in his new boy band. Taecyeon isn’t the best singer, but he felt that he could do the dances and rap and it would work out well. It seems to have worked because he is the most popular one of them all! His fashion has become a statement in kpop and he continues to be quite famous in Korea.

Another big Korean star that came out of that show was Kim Soo Hyun. He didn’t become a kpop star or a fashion model, but went on to become one of the highest paid actors in Korea. He starred in The Moon that Embraces the Sun and My Love From Another Star, both of which were massive hits. Additionally, even though you don’t get to hear him sing much, he’s actually a fantastic singer. We saw this when he played Sam Dong in Dream High.

With all of these kpop and kdrama stars coming out of JYP, you can see how the girls who are currently members of TWICE definitely wanted to get in on that. They even attracted international contestants. Sana, Mina, and Momo are both from Japan. Tzuyu is from Taiwan. I think there’s another girl in there that isn’t from Korea, but I can’t remember right now. So, the kpop fashion industry was bound to be heavily influenced this new mega group. Their first song Ooh Ah was a huge hit, and the clothes they wore in it was emulated by Korean girls and fans of kpop everywhere. The fashion is a bit grungy, since the theme of the video is zombies. So, there’s ripped jeans and fishnets. You can watch the video and see what it looks like there.

It’s amazing how the girls fashion has changed. There are much more mature now, as you can see in their new video Yes or Yes. It’s a bit of a fairy tale/fantasy style kind of look. But you see how they overall re dressing more like grown ladies.

I really enjoy following along and seeing the fashion change in kpop. You can see how trends and movies influence the clothes they wear and the other way around, too. If you have any comments or would like to share what you think about TWICE’s fashion, leave a comment below!

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